September break

How long did it take to finish this snake artworks?

How long did it take to finish this snake artworks?



Just realised how quickly September has passed. Now we see green, pink, red, purple an yellow in a garden.  Spring has arrived in Sydney.  For the past months, I’ve been busy with Art Show, work and family.   But I even managed to get away to Hobart just for the weekend in September.

What did I do in Hobart?  Visiting MONA museum….  It was really fascinating place and artworks. What’s more amazing was the hotel we stayed.  They had real Picasso, Andy Warhol,,,,,so many famous artists…   I need to go back there again to see more added collections.  Can’t wait…


Dark but promissing

I’ll see a bright day tomorrow

Far away and can’t even reach.  I like looking up the sky and looking at the dark sky thinking that tomorrow is better than today if I wasn’t have a good day, and tomorrow will be just as good if I was having a good day.  I like dark sky because it makes me feel like you’ll have a bright day tomorrow, a little promising tomorrow.

Sky is red

Red sky

I’d write up a little bit of my personal stuff.   Today I am running an errand one after another.  (like other parent would normally do) Doing morning chores,  sending emails, booking car park on-line for concert in two days; my youngest son is performing in a school’s 125 years celebration concert.  Disagreeing with my son’s music tutor when he is having a rehearsal with accompanist for his grading exam coming up…  Cancelling and rearranging middle son’s piano lesson. Cancelling his violin lesson.  Booking a ticket for Opera which my middle son is performing and singing in a back stage tonight. Meeting up my girlfriend for shopping, and coffee afterwords. Then dashing back home, making dinner, and going to see my son singing at the Opera.  Arranging to go early to assist and see Harvard Din and Don a cappella concert tomorrow night

I wonder if my family doesn’t involved in music instrument, singing, concert, performing, grading exam…  my life would be much simple and less stress..   I wonder what it would be like without music around.  I am sure my wallet would be a full of notes and more coins, but without their music, my life would be less enriched….  I will write more about music some other time.

My best friend


Kiyomizu Temple

So bright and so powerful

I visited my friend in May 2014, she works in a temple, one of the oldest temple in Japan.  She’s my best friend for 44 years. We only see each other every two or three years, we don’t need to see each other often, we are so connected.  She gets up in a morning, and sees the sky and the sun, and says, I can die today, my life is so fulfilled because I am serving for buddha. She is my best friend….

Going or staying??

life and death

I went outside and took this photo in Dec 29 2013 while my mother was still unconscious. A girl in this photo was waiting for a taxi.  I was watching her aimlessly and hopelessly.  I thought my mother was going.  I was prepared.  Fortunately she came back to life…  I never forget the moment.


Michael in Vanuatu

Micheal was 13 years old back then.  I like organic. Most of my photos are unedited.  When edited, I make them a lot different from the original.  I like organic photo…  I am a graphic designer….